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Skid Control & Correction Training

A person’s first encounter with a skid could be their last. There are few things more frightening than losing control of your vehicle especially in bad weather conditions. Roadwise has developed a comprehensive Skid Training course which provides a safe and unforgettable opportunity for drivers to:

  • experience the sensation of skidding safely
  • learn how to regain control of the car
  • learn how to avoid losing control in the first place!
  • learn how to deal with a variety of driving conditions, from heavy rain to ice and snow, and loose surfaces

Roadwise is the only establishment in the North-East of Scotland to use a Skidmaster. The vehicle looks just like a conventional car, but concealed beneath its conventional appearance is a sophisticated computer controlled traction system.  The Skidmaster is environmentally friendly and requires no special skid pan covered in oil or water to induce skids, nor does it have the disadvantages of some trolley mounted skid cars. 

“Just back from Skid Training. A huge thank you to Doug for all his help! Thoroughly enjoyed the training. Everything was explained fully and made absolute sense. I will encourage the family to book a session! A must for driving in rural Scotland!” (Elsa) 

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